You could think of food from angles as diverse as economics and history. Food is a primary necessity. Governments have fallen due to increase in onion prices. New continents have been discovered searching for spices. Unusual twists to usual recipes are also welcome!

Your submissions could be traditional art, digital art, poetry, short-stories, opinions, photographs, comics, …well anything that fits in a pdf. From readers feedback

we came to know that there are many who want to contribute, but don’t know where to start. These are some specific ideas that we have. Only giving a glimpse of each so as to keep the suspense. If anyone feels like working on them, do buzz to get the idea with more detail (email: )

  • *an interesting historical anecdote concerning food.
  • *a photodocumentary concerning an indian beverage
  • *an article regarding nutrition
  • In any case don’t hesitate to email: . The last date for submission is around April first week.
    There is also a poster that you can print (on colored paper for more visual candy :) and stick around. Click on the thumbnail to download the pdf.