The theme for the first issue is ‘Freedom’. Freedom – in every sense of the word. Feedom can be interpreted as freedom of thought, freedom against oppression, freedom of expression, freedom of love, freedom of anything positive and freedom from anything negative.

Apart from the fact that you can send in entries authored by yourself, you can also send in links to content which you think have not got the attention they deserved. In that case be sure that it is attributed with Creative Commons 3.0 sharealike license. This license implies that the author wants people to republish, and adapt their work, while giving a link back to their content. In fact everyone contributer can have a small blurb about themselves with a link to their online presence.

Send in your entries to Also note the last date for submission for the freedom issue which is 7th October. If you would like to just

say hello, mail Do write in, brickbats and flowers, both are welcome:).
Words would not really explain, as freedom is not bound by even them. If the visual below tickles your creativity and you wish to contribute, feel welcome. For submission more details are here.

p.s. The last date for submission has been postponed to 12th October, so you can still send in your entries.