After that sensational title, let me first put a disclaimer that if you are going to download and watch these movies, you may be breaking some law. The bad news is that we have absolutely no clue if watching an unreleased movie is legal. The good news is all these movies are torrent-able.

Om Darbadar

Om Darbadar Movie Poster

Having said that, the first movie in our list Om Darbadar is indeed very legal and produced by none other than NFDC. Don’t go by its 6.9 rating at IMDB, my guess is most people either gave it a 9/10 or 4/5, which resulted in an average of 6.9. It was talked about a little when Dev D

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was released. Anurag Kashyap was inspired by this song of Om Darbadar to create the Atyachar song. Here’s what Anurag has to say about it. But don’t get distracted by this Dev D business. Read this review to decide if you could be hassled into downloading and watching this movie. This review has comments by its director Kamal Swaroop was well. If you still need convincing, see this video, titled ‘Terrorist Tadpoles‘ on YouTube.


Paanch Movie Poster

The second movie in our list is Paanch. Anurag Kashyap makes a second entry in this post, having directed Paanch. The only thing to be said about this is, it’s a disappointment to see such a well made movie lying somewhere gathering dust. The movie is a very intense thriller, and uses very abusive language. But they all fit perfectly and naturally into the film.  All five characters have been well crafted and the actors do full justice to the movie. I am pretty sure the Bollywood careers of Kay Kay Menon and Tejaswini Kolhapure would have rocketed if this movie had got released. Though, thank goodness for the internet and piracy, you can find a preview copy somewhere.

Urf Professor

Urf Professor Movie Poster

The third film in our list is Urf Professor. It’s an intensely black comedy, and your usual ‘this is going to happen predictability’ won’t work here. The script is very snappy and if you ever wonder what the hell is happening, just wait for the water to clear. Don’t get distracted by the wedding type camera work, try to see it as symbol of a very passionate team creating something with a small budget. This is an absolute must-watch for anyone who loves comedy.

If you know of more such movies, do share them in the comments along with your views on them as well. :)