A platform for the indie Indian, showcasing creativity in different forms.


Build — call for entries

Do you build ships inside bottles? Bikes out of salvaged parts? Or do you build social networks? Hitting the gym and building muscles? What does build mean to you? Write, photograph, draw, give your opinion, critique, sing a song, do anything that can go in a PDF. Send it to submit@aahsome.com Tell us what you...

Food — call for entries

You could think of food from angles as diverse as economics and history. Food is a primary necessity. Governments have fallen due to increase in onion prices. New continents have been discovered searching for spices. Unusual twists to usual recipes are also welcome!

Beauty — call for entries

Interpret beauty any way you like, if you find your pet pig beautiful, feel welcome to write an ode to it or snap a picture. Seriously amaze us with what you think is beautiful. You do not necessarily have to create something specific for this magazine. Even if you have something which you feel is...

Freedom — call for entries

The theme for the first issue is ‘Freedom’. Freedom – in every sense of the word. Feedom can be interpreted as freedom of thought, freedom against oppression, freedom of expression, freedom of love, freedom of anything positive and freedom from anything negative.